My Eventfinda-ticketed event has been postponed or cancelled... what do I do?

As New Zealand's primary source for event and live entertainment information, we encourage promoters to communicate this kind of critical information to their audience in a timely manner to keep disappointments and surprises to a minimum.

If your event is being ticketed by Eventfinda, you'll need to contact the ticketing team directly to flag your event as Cancelled or Postponed in case there are purchases that need to be managed. Contact the ticketing team at

It's quite a simple process but something we'll have to do from our end.

If the event is cancelled, we'll mark it as such, notify purchasers and process their refunds. 

If the event is postponed with a confirmed date, we'll change the date and notify purchasers. Their tickets remain valid for the new date and if they cannot make it we can give them a refund. 

If the event is postponed and the date hasn't been decided yet, we'll add the postponed flag, notify purchasers and change the date once it's been set.

We don't delete cancelled events from the site as it's important people can see it's been cancelled rather than thinking they can't find it and it's still on.

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