What should I include in my listing?

Your listing needs to have all details relevant to your event. This will give potential customers the information they need to decide if they will be keen to go.


Some questions to ask yourself for the event description:

  • Will there be door sales at the event?
  • What is the run of the event? Door times, set times, etc
  • Will there be any restrictions at the event? Age, alcohol licensing, etc
  • Is the event accessible for wheelchairs?
  • Are there contact details for customers that have inquiries?
  • If the event is all ages, do all children need a ticket or will babies/small children be free? What is considered a child ticket?
  • What is the parking or transport situation? 
  • What is your policy on event changes? Rain days, disruptions, etc
  • Are there any on-site facilities?
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